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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is a list of some of the more common questions asked. If the information that your looking for is not listed on this page then please send us your enquiry via our Contact Us page.

Do I need highly skilled personnel to install the duct?

Yes. The duct needs to be installed according to the builders specification and work program in accordance with the SAA safety standards.

I am interested but don't know what I need to order? How do I figure out what I need?

For assistance, please contact our technical sales representative in our Canberra office on 02 6297 3306 or in our Sydney office on 02 9759 8200.

How do I order?

All orders are placed either by phone, fax (purchase orders) or email (purchase orders).

Can I get samples?

Yes. Samples are available from both our Sydney and Canberra offices.

What are your payment methods?

If you have an account with us the payment method is subject to the agreed payment terms of your contract, otherwise we accept COD, credit card, cheque, money order and electronic tranfer of funds.